Brand Bibles

Brand personality and identity manual

A Brand Bible is a strategic marketing tool that allows teams to work independently yet consistently. We design brands that meaningfully connect with consumers and elevate your business. A sharp-focused brand guide reduces trial and error in content creation and saves time and money in the long run. Above all, it is strategic. Own your space in the market and be hard to compete with!

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Modern web and mobile applications

If you have a business idea that needs a website, software or an app - we can create it. Along with our sought after in-house skills, we are privileged to be friends with some seriously talented professionals who we love working with. Whether we assemble your dream team or run solo, we can manifest what you envision.

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Our Story

Mindful missions matter

Hi, we’re Heléne and Charlie - a creative and a developer with some neat skills. Together we have over 35 years of experience working on industry-leading brands. Our updated mission is to elevate SME businesses that care about people and our planet. What’s your mission? We'd love to hear from you.


How we work

Heléne's creativity and methodical, process-driven nature are a unique combination. She's dedicated to her craft, and to helping others realise their potential - whether it be aspiring creatives that she mentors, or established brands looking to maximise their market presence.

Martha MarkovskyArt Director, 99c

Charlie and I have worked together on a number of projects. He is truly one of the most humble and sincere people I have met in my life. He is always willing to help and is committed to serving the objectives of the project. His consideration for people is evident in the way he treats others.

Jacques WhittleMD CRG, Kalahari Project

I have worked with Heléne since 2010. She is not only a very creative and intelligent thinker but also a fantastic activator/initiator with an extraordinary ability to take a complex task and turn it into an organised, structured project.

Nigel DearyDirector, Produce Collective

I have had the pleasure of personally working with Charlie through one of the most pressured, time-sensitive projects we had. There is a certain guarantee in trusting him with tasks, where you can feel comfortable that they will be completed on time, fully functioning, and precisely as the specification describes.

Darren WhitfieldDirector / Software Architect ,F5 Solutions

Heléne didn't just listen to my brief, she was so tuned in to my ideas that when I saw her first concepts, I couldn't help but tear up. She brought Ubuntu Baba to life and I couldn't be more in love with my brand.

Shannon McLaughlinFounder, Ubuntu Baba

Charlie has an exceptional love and passion for what he does. He is a true solutions provider that is able to analyse and execute effectively. An awesome developer and a great addition to any team.

Etienne LandmanDevelopment Manager, Food Lover's


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